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Does Duct Cleaning Extend My HVAC System’s Lifespan?

Ensuring your heating system is in top condition during the winter is vital to your family’s comfort. Your ductwork is also an important part of guaranteeing efficient temperature control. Here’s what you need to know about duct cleaning and how it can extend the life of your HVAC system in Chino, CA:

Duct Cleaning Process

Your ductwork is a network of tubes that run from your HVAC system to every major room in your home. All the air your ducts release is first pushed through your HVAC filter. While this line of defense can remove hair, dust and other debris, it’s not enough to keep your ducts clean forever.

Eventually, contaminants will begin to accumulate inside your ducts, impacting airflow and your indoor air quality. Too much debris will increase static pressure, making it harder for your furnace to warm your home. Additionally, excessive pollutants will exacerbate your allergies and existing respiratory conditions, leaving your family uncomfortable.

A duct cleaning is a type of professional HVAC service that involves removing all the built-up debris inside your ducts. Your comfort advisor will first examine your ductwork with high-quality camera tools to find signs of pests or damage. They’ll then seal your vents and registers and vacuum out the old debris.

If you recently struggled with a pest infestation or microbial growth outbreak, your comfort advisor may suggest an advanced sanitization process to clear away all microbes or insect filth. Generally, the duct cleaning process takes about a day to complete and provides lasting air quality benefits for years.

When to Schedule Duct Cleanings

Rather than scheduling a duct cleaning every year, they provide the most advantages every three to five years. Consider requesting a cleaning if you’ve recently moved into a new home or can’t remember the last time you had one. This service is also helpful after home remodeling projects to clear away any dust that found its way into your ductwork.

How often your unique household will require a duct cleaning depends on your habits and health needs. Families with at-risk loved ones or respiratory sensitivities should schedule a cleaning every couple of years.

You may need them more frequently if you have an older HVAC system or live with pets. When you notice changes in your furnace’s efficiency or heating output, bring in a comfort advisor to check your system and ducts for issues. An expert will also be able to help you determine the ideal cleaning schedule for your ducts.

Benefits of Duct Cleanings

Duct cleanings are one of the best ways to stop airborne debris from lowering your air quality. Improved air quality will make it easier to sleep, concentrate and relax in the home. You’ll struggle less with odd smells and won’t have to wipe down your counters or vacuum as often.

Keeping your ductwork clean limits strain on your HVAC system, improving its efficiency and lifespan. Furnaces already experience a lot of wear and tear during the winter season while warming your home. Additional strain from poor air quality and clogged ducts will worsen your system’s condition, resulting in higher energy bills and more repair costs.

Ensuring your furnace has optimal efficiency limits temperature inconsistencies as well as issues like potential safety concerns. A key benefit of duct cleanings is that they allow an expert to search your ducts for any tears or air leaks.

Over time, these small problems can worsen and spread, further straining your HVAC system. Closely monitoring the condition of your ductwork over the years will keep you informed on when best to call for repairs or consider a replacement.

While you may not want to invest in another HVAC service in addition to your routine maintenance, duct cleaning will more than pay for itself. Removing efficiency concerns, threats to your indoor air quality and more will all benefit your home’s indoor comfort and safety.

This winter, schedule expert duct cleaning and enjoy a revitalized home and healthier HVAC system. Call the family-trusted Metz Air Control to learn more about our dependable air quality solutions in Chino, CA.

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