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4 Heat Pump Mistakes That Impact Efficiency in Chino Hills, CA

Heat pumps offer exceptionally efficient heating, especially in the mild winter climate around Chino Hills, CA. However, homeowners make common mistakes while operating their heat pumps that slash that efficiency, driving up utility and repair costs. Consider these four mistakes that will impact your heat pump efficiency:

Running Thermostat Programs

You’ll likely see the recommendation to run thermostat programs if you spend any time hunting online for HVAC efficiency tips. It’s true; they can save you up to 10% of your annual heating costs if you’re running a traditional system.

However, heat pumps run a little differently than furnaces, altering how you’ll achieve maximum efficiency. Rather than creating heat by passing a current through an electrical element or burning fuel, heat pumps transfer heat. They absorb it from the air outside and release it into your air inside using refrigerant.

Heat pumps generally take longer to raise the temperature of your home than traditional heating systems. This makes setting back the temperature while in heating mode inefficient. However, just like an air conditioner, you can still realize some savings while using it in cooling mode.

The only exception to this is when you’re going to be away from your home for more than 24 hours. Consider setting the temperature back about 10 degrees, but leave plenty of time to warm back up. A smart thermostat with remote access is perfect for raising the temperature about 12 hours before you expect to return.

Using Auto Mode

If you’re used to traditional heating systems, you may think that Auto is the proper setting. After all, this is the setting you use to keep your circulating fan from running constantly between heating cycles.

With a heat pump, you use the Auto mode to automatically switch between heating and cooling modes. At first glance, this may seem ideal for keeping your home at a constant comfortable temperature.

However, this inevitably causes the system to constantly run, switching between heating and cooling. This results in extended cycling, which consumes more power. It also results in more strain on the system, leading to heat pump repairs and shorter service life.

Constantly Adjusting Your Temperature

If you’re used to a traditional heating system, you know that it produces substantial heat, quickly raising your home’s temperature. The normal temperature rise for furnaces is 40 to 70 degrees warmer than the air entering the system.

However, heat pumps don’t have the same temperature rise. Rather, they raise the temperature compared to the air outside. This may make it feel like the heat pump isn’t actually heating your home if you’re not used to it.

The temptation is to then bump up the temperature on the thermostat. This doesn’t make the system kick out any more heat, but it adds more strain to the system.

The best way to run your system is to set the temperature and give it a day or two to adjust. From there, make small changes of 1 or 2 degrees, and give it another day or two before adjusting it further.

Neglecting Maintenance

Heat pump maintenance is one of the most crucial parts of keeping your unit running efficiently throughout its service life. Without proper maintenance, your unit will slowly collect airborne contaminants that restrict airflow through the system. It also allows some components to slowly stop working optimally, straining the entire system.

A service technician will perform a deep cleaning of your system during maintenance, including both the indoor and outdoor coils. They’ll also perform a series of tests, including checking the refrigerant level to ensure every part works optimally. You’ll have time to repair problems they find before it cuts into your efficiency or leaves you with emergency repairs.

Keep your heat pump running at its peak efficiency throughout the entire year. Call to schedule your preventive heat pump maintenance with the NATE-certified service technicians at Metz Air Control today.

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