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3 Misconceptions About Ductless Mini-Split Systems in Eastvale, CA

According to the California Energy Commission (CEC), energy demands have been steadily increasing in California, and so has the demand for ductless mini-splits among energy-conscious residents in Eastvale, CA. Nonetheless, many in the area still hold several misconceptions surrounding this HVAC technology because they’re unclear about its benefits. We’ll debunk three common myths about ductless mini-split systems.

Myth 1: Only Provide a Single-Room Solution

Many people still believe that ductless mini-split systems are only practical for managing the temperature in one room. However, zoning technology allows you to install multiple indoor air handlers and regulate the temperature throughout your home. So, you can customize the comfort in virtually every area of your home without the burden of installing central air ducts.

In fact, depending on your home’s size and your preferences, a single outdoor condenser unit can support several indoor ductless units. If you own a multistory house, for example, you can strategically set up coverage throughout your home in only the rooms that would require it. This gives you an added element of control over your comfort levels.

You can adapt your ductless system to changing living situations as well. If your cooling requirements shift from one room to another, a ductless mini-split system allows you to adjust for this, essentially future-proofing your investment. Because the installation requires minimal effort, you can start with a single area of your house and expand the system later.

Ductless mini-split systems offer reliable and cost-efficient ways to enhance comfort control throughout your living space. A well-planned system lets you adapt and scale it to your evolving indoor living space in Eastvale, CA. Our comfort advisors can help you design a straightforward and cohesive ductless system that covers the preferred areas and won’t require excessive additional installation as you introduce more units.

Myth 2: Consume Too Much Energy

Another persistent myth about ductless mini-split systems is that they consume excessive levels of energy and contribute to higher monthly utility bills. On the contrary, their streamlined design and flexibility typically provide more efficiency than traditional HVAC systems. They achieve this by recirculating or recycling the air in your home, cutting down on wasted energy.

Unlike traditional HVAC systems, ductless systems don’t lose air through duct leaks. Instead, they deliver air directly for optimal efficiency. Many homeowners prefer mini splits to conventional HVAC systems because they’re not wasting energy on heating or cooling the outdoors and parts of their home that don’t need temperature control.

Ductless technology uses inter-driven compressions that adjust the system’s output to maintain consistent climate control without unwanted energy spikes. The targeted energy approach reflected in the ductless mini-split system means you won’t waste money on climate control in unoccupied spaces. This HVAC option can undoubtedly help you see meaningful reductions in your home energy bills while providing a year-round, eco-friendly indoor climate control solution.

Myth 3: Are Louder Than Traditional HVAC Systems

Depending on the age and quality of your HVAC installation, virtually any heating and cooling system can be distracting; this includes some higher-end HVAC systems. However, many homeowners seem to think that ductless mini-split systems are louder than their duct-based counterparts.

You’ll likely be able to hear some sound coming from your system as it operates. However, it’s typically so faint that it blends with the ambient sounds of the rest of your home’s electrical components. The outdoor elements of your system are equally quiet and won’t affect your neighbors’ outdoor living spaces, unlike some conventional HVAC units.

Dispelling Common Myths About Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Hopefully, we’ve helped debunk a few of the primary misconceptions about ductless mini-split systems. If you need to improve your current home comfort situation, these systems may exceed your expectations. To learn more about the benefits of a ductless heating and cooling system in Eastvale, CA, contact Metz Air Control now for a personalized consultation!

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