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What Should I Expect During an AC Installation in Chino Hills, CA?

You may have decided to greet the scorching summer of Chino Hills, CA, by getting a new air conditioning system. If so, here’s what you should do and what you may expect to happen as the AC installation process gets rolling.

Clearing the Area

When comfort advisors arrive, they will remove your old AC system and put your new one into place. That means they will need to carry around a great deal of heavy and cumbersome equipment.

Because of that, we strongly recommend removing any obstacles that might get in the way of their work. These include furniture and outdoor objects like shrubs. It’s also a good idea to remove your car(s) from your driveway and clear all doorways.

If you have pets who may interfere with the work, you should either pen them off in some area for the duration of the AC installation or temporarily send them to stay with someone you trust. If you have small children, it may also be wise to leave them in the care of someone dependable for a while. Similarly, be sure to stow away any loose toys, be they pets’ or kids’ playthings.

Unless you take these steps, the AC installation will probably take significantly longer and be much less smooth. In fact, it’s likely that, noticing everything that’s in their way, comfort advisors would have to pause and move the items we referred to anyway. This would give them additional work to do and might result in increased costs.

The Process Itself

Once the comfort advisors show up, the first thing they will probably do is cover the floors of your home with cloth, protective paper or plastic. The covering’s purpose is to shield your floors from all of the dust and other debris that will fall and scatter during the AC installation. It also makes that debris easy to remove.

The next important step will be to sever your old AC system’s electrical connections. The installers will then use special equipment to safely remove and dispose of the refrigerant in your old air conditioner. They must do these things to remain safe during the rest of the AC installation process.

After removing your old system, installing the new one may take anywhere between four and seven hours, which is effectively the entire working day. Our comfort advisors will probably set up new evaporator coils, refrigerant lines and other equipment and will then put the necessary outdoor components into place as well.

They will also provide you with a new condensate drain line and secure it with concrete. Your installers will also make any modifications needed to your ductwork to ensure a secure fit with your new system. Finally, if necessary, they will install new wiring and even a new disconnect box.

If you can’t be home to supervise the AC installation yourself, ask a trusted friend or family member to do so. The comfort advisors may have questions about things like the location of your fuse box or how to get into your Wi-Fi network.

Post-Installation Testing

Finally, the AC installation team will carefully test your new equipment to see whether everything functions as it should. At this point, our comfort advisors will closely compare your new AC system’s performance to a detailed set of manufacturer’s specifications.

If you haven’t already done so, you should work out an agreement to receive maintenance from the same HVAC installer. We strongly suggest scheduling preventive maintenance once or twice per year.

The preceding information should demystify the AC installation process for you and get you ready for it. Once you’ve made the appropriate preparations for a new cooling system in your home in Chino Hills, CA, relax and let our comfort advisors handle the rest. Call our team at Metz Air Control today to learn more about our AC installation services.

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