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3 Comfort Benefits That Come with a Ductless HVAC System

Keeping your Corona, California, home comfortable throughout the changing seasons can be a challenge. Perhaps your home has multiple levels which make it difficult to maintain a comfortable atmosphere on all the floors. It might be that you have an outdated system that can’t keep up with your household’s comfort demands. A ductless system offers a number of benefits and could be the answer to your HVAC concerns.

Targeted Heating and Cooling

Ductless mini-splits deliver targeted heating and cooling to specific areas of your home. We usually mount the indoor component on an interior wall near the ceiling. We can install one or more ductless systems according to your needs. Each unit will have a remote control for easy programming and control. You can adjust the thermostat in a specific area or zone — unlike a central system that delivers the same temperature to the entire home. A ductless system is ideal when you’re dealing with:

  • Uneven heating and cooling in a large house or one that has more than one level
  • Different temperature preferences among members of your household
  • The need to extend air conditioning to a bonus room, add-on, attic, or garage

Improved Efficiency

Ductless HVAC units are also extremely efficient. Since they don’t rely on ducts to move air, ductless mini-splits use less energy than a traditional HVAC system to deliver conditioned air to you. Leaky ductwork can also cause a central HVAC system to work harder. The air loss also causes your heating and cooling bills to spike.

Better Air Quality

Another benefit of going ductless is better air quality which can improve health as well as comfort. Poor indoor air quality can cause health symptoms, including congestion, throat irritation, coughing, and headaches. Leaky ducts create problems with indoor air quality. Ductless units have high-efficiency filtration that can remove airborne contaminants and deliver clean, fresh air.

Learn more about the benefits of a ductless HVAC system by contacting the experts at Metz Air Control at 909-614-4125. A mini-split installation could be just what your home needs.

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