As any Chino Hills, California, resident knows, summers in the region can be brutal. Trying to fight the heat can quickly lead to high air conditioning costs. However, there are effective ways to lower cooling expenses and still keep your family comfortable all summer. You can reduce cooling costs with simple measures like repairing air leaks, using window coverings, and scheduling AC maintenance. Tackle these three areas and start taking charge of your summer cooling costs.

Seal Those Air Leaks

Repairing air leaks that result from cracks and other openings throughout your home can make a big difference in AC efficiency and your monthly utility bills. The U.S. Dept. of Energy recommends caulking and weatherstripping as two of the simplest and most effective ways to seal your home. These two weatherization techniques can help to prevent the loss of conditioned air. Effective air sealing will also prevent hot outdoor air from seeping in and reducing AC efficiency.

Use Heat-Blocking Window Coverings

Window coverings provide an effective barrier to heat that enters your home via windows. As much as 76 percent of the sunlight that hits the average double-paned window enters your home as heat. That means your AC system has to work harder to cool your home. The extra cooling output required will quickly raise your energy costs. Heat-blocking options include shades, drapes or curtains, blinds, window film and shutters.

Don’t Skip AC Maintenance

You can reduce your cooling costs by taking care of your AC. Regular AC maintenance is critical for efficient AC functioning. Preventive maintenance is also the best way to extend the life of your air conditioner. Make it a priority to change air filters regularly and keep your system free of dirt and debris. Schedule regular AC inspections with Metz Air Control to get ahead of developing problems. Taking timely action is the best way to reduce your cooling costs and protect your investment.

When it’s hot, and your AC is struggling to cool your home, call Metz Air Control at 909-614-4125. Our comfort advisors are ready to provide cost-effective solutions to keep your family safe and comfortable all summer.

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