Having high-quality insulation is important for the comfort and efficiency of your Yorba Linda, California, home. Blow-in insulation offers a lot of advantages over other kinds of insulation thanks to its unique properties and installation. Read on to learn more about its benefits to see if it’s right for your home.

Eco-Friendly Material

Firstly, blow-in insulation typically uses two different kinds of material: fiberglass and cellulose. Fiberglass comprises a mix of recycled glass and sand. It’s available as both batting and blow-in insulation. Cellulose also comprises recycled material, but it’s only available as blow-in insulation. Cellulose has had fewer environmental-impact studies than fiberglass and also settles more over time. As a result, people often prefer fiberglass.

These two material types also don’t have a lot of chemical additives. This makes them a great choice for homeowners who have family members with sensitive lungs. Blow-in insulation keeps outside contaminants like pollen from getting into your home. As a result, it helps improve indoor air quality.

Noise Reduction

If you have noisy neighbors or live near any major roads, having high-quality insulation can make a huge difference in home comfort. Blow-in insulation is known for its excellent sound-proofing, and it can help ensure that your home stays quiet even when the outside is noisy. It can also reduce wind and industrial noise for optimum home comfort. As a result, you’ll sleep in peace without worrying about exterior noises.

Improved Installation

Finally, blow-in insulation has one of the easiest installation processes. With minimal mess and cleanup, it goes in easily when installed by a professional service technician. Because it doesn’t involve cutting, it’s easier to get a seamless install to improve performance. Plus, installers no longer have to spend long periods kneeling while they’re installing it, which helps improve the overall install time.

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