Let’s face it: It gets very hot in Chino, CA. As a result, you’ll run your air conditioner more often in the summer. By having adequate blown insulation in your home, you can avoid throwing money away on high cooling costs.

Save Money With an Insulation Upgrade

Many people don’t realize that they’re wasting money to cool their homes. This is usually due to poor insulation. Whether you have faulty insulation or it simply needs replacing, an HVAC professional can help you keep your summer energy costs from soaring. Upgrading your air conditioner will also help you save money.

What’s Blown Insulation?

Blown insulation, also called blown-in or loose-fill insulation, is a type of insulation that can literally be blown or sprayed onto surfaces. These surfaces can include walls, crevices, cracks, floors and anything else in the home that requires insulating.

The method of blowing in insulation is very efficient and widely popular. It’s a frequently recommended insulation method for pre-existing houses. Plus, it’s usually less expensive than traditional insulation methods.

Types of Blown Insulation

There are a few different types of this insulation, including:

  • Loose-fill fiberglass: Fibers compose this sort of insulation. It installs with a blowing machine and is very efficient. However, there’s a risk of glass fiber particles floating throughout your home.
  • Cellulose: This insulation comprises old newspapers or cardboard pieces treated with a fire retardant for safety. You can use it with a blowing machine, or it can come in a spray form.
  • Spray-in foam: The best option for filling in cracks and cavities, this insulation expands when sprayed. As a result, it can fill even the smallest openings to form an air-tight seal.

At Metz Air Control, we can provide you with some of the most professional HVAC services you’ll find in the area. Call us today for all your blown insulation service needs. We can keep your home cool without flattening your wallet.

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