You likely ignore your HVAC system most of the time. However, when something goes wrong, you quickly take notice and begin wishing you had paid it more attention. There are five critical HVAC maintenance tasks you should do this fall to ensure your system is ready for the winter in Eastvale, CA.

Check & Replace Your Air Filters

The easiest thing to do for your system is to check and replace its filters. Doing so keeps your system running efficiently and reduces repair bills.

Replace basic fiberglass filters every month. Plan to replace extended-life filters every 60 to 90 days, but check them every month. Consider vacuuming off the intake side of the filter between changes to extend their service life.

Check Your Thermostat

Most people forget to check their thermostat until they’re either hot or cold. Reset your program to match new weather patterns and the shorter days. Also, change the batteries to ensure you have enough signal going from your thermostat to your furnace.

Clean Your Registers

Your registers tell you a lot about the condition of your furnace by how much dust is around them. Clean the dust that collects to ensure it doesn’t make its way back into your air ducts.

Call for Fall Maintenance

Schedule a comfort advisor to perform preventative maintenance on your system. The advisor will check the furnace, lubricate the fan motor bearings and clean critical areas to ensure your furnace is ready for the season. If your system requires further repairs, you have time to plan and schedule them to avoid costly emergency repairs.

Schedule Repairs Early

Should your furnace require repair, schedule that service as early in the season as possible. Doing so avoids additional strain on your system as well as minimizes your wait during busier times. Call Metz Air Control to schedule your furnace repairs and HVAC maintenance so that you can rest easy knowing your system is ready for the entire winter.

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