During the scorching and humid summer in Corona, CA, one of the best comfort options are ductless mini-splits. They’re not only super efficient, but they also increase the comfort levels in your home. But no matter they’re reliability and durability, it’s possible for them to malfunction, especially without regular maintenance. Here are three troubleshooting steps you should take to figure out what’s wrong with your ductless mini-split:

Inspect the Outdoor Unit

Ductless mini-splits have an outdoor unit and indoor air distributing system. If you experience issues with the mini-split system, check the outdoor unit. Some debris or dirt buildup may be causing your outdoor unit to malfunction, affecting the whole system.

Lack of preventive maintenance on your outdoor unit can also cause ice buildup and leaks in your refrigerant. You need to reach out to HVAC professionals for your ductless system’s cleaning and lubrication needs.

See If Your Home’s Power Source is OK

Perhaps your ductless mini-split doesn’t run when you turn it on. In such cases, check whether the energy source in your home is functioning well and try manually resetting your system. You also need to inspect the circuit breaker and the system’s cords for any possible damage.

Electrical issues are a safety hazard. If you suspect any damage, call an HVAC pro to complete any repairs.

Clean the Filter

During the cooling process, your mini-split absorbs dust, dirt and other foreign air particles. After a while, the dust builds up in your system, reducing its efficacy and efficiency.

If you experience inefficiency in your home’s cooling, you should check the air filter. Clean it if it’s dirty.

Troubleshooting any early signs of issues with your ductless mini-split helps you prevent costly problems later. Get in touch with Metz Air Control to repair or maintain your ductless mini-split.

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