We all experience issues with our HVAC systems. Unfortunately, this can be a very unpleasant surprise if you don’t remedy it promptly. These are some negative impacts of leaky ductwork in your Corona Hills, CA, home:

Noisy HVAC System

When there’s no leaky ductwork, it’s easy for air to move through these ducts without making noise. However, when there’s a leak in the ductwork, the airflow becomes uneven and causes friction as it passes through the cracked pipe. This friction creates noise ranging from barely audible hums to loud rattling sounds coming from your vents.

Cold and Hot Spots

If you notice that some areas of your house feel hotter or colder than others, this could be due to leaky ducts. To fix this problem, you’ll need to hire a professional to perform an inspection to determine where there might be leaks in the ducts leading into your home.

Unhealthy Air Quality

When there’s a leak in your ductwork, allergens can enter your home and irritate the respiratory system. This can cause allergies or asthma attacks in people sensitive to these allergens. You may also notice a musty odor coming from vents or registers when there’s leaky ductwork.

Poor Humidity Control

When maintaining adequate humidity levels, ductwork is an essential component. However, when airflow is inadequate or leaks in the ductwork, it can cause poor humidity control.


Leaky ductwork causes your AC system to work harder to cool the air in the house. This means that the unit will use more energy, which can cause high electricity bills and a decrease in efficiency for your home. However, scheduling regular maintenance can detect leaky ducts early and save you many AC repairs in the future.

Leaky ductwork can cause significant problems for your home and HVAC system. The best way to avoid problems is to schedule regular maintenance with a contractor who can ensure that they properly seal the ducts. For information about our preventative maintenance plan in Corona Hills, CA, contact Metz Air Control today.

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