Most of the homes in Corona Hills, CA, lack proper and efficient insulation methods. Excellent insulation in your home assists in keeping heat indoors and improves overall HVAC efficiency. So, how do you know your home has an insulation problem? Read on to learn three telltale signs of an under-insulated home.

Increase in Your Energy Bills

Unless you experience major changes in your energy use at home, your energy bills fall under a constant range throughout the year. Once your blown insulation in the walls and roof settle, you’re liable to experience some heat loss due to the insulator’s inefficiency. Therefore, your heating and cooling system will have to work longer to compensate for the indoor heat loss to sufficiently heat your home.

As a result, your energy bills will skyrocket even as your energy habits remain the same. Hire a heating expert to inspect whether your insulation is still up to date.

Uneven Heating and Cooling

In well-insulated homes, there’s a constant temperature throughout the home’s rooms. On the other hand, poor insulation leads to heat loss in some rooms, decreasing the heat present in that area.

Consequently, this will lead to uneven heating in your home. In such a scenario, the best solution is to upgrade your insulation methods to maintain efficiency.

You can effectively test for uneven heating or heat loss by touching the walls, floors or roof. If you’re currently heating the room, upon touching the ceiling and walls you will feel warmth and dryness. If your walls are cold, your insulation may be defective.

Very Hot Summer Days

If your indoor comfort deteriorated due to hot and humid days, your HVAC system might need maintenance. The presence of really hot air inside your home over the summertime could potentially mean poor insulation. If you feel outdoor heat or cold air inside your home, consider hiring our comfort advisors for proper and better insulation.

Do you have an under-insulated home? Insulating your home is essential to keeping you comfortable while enhancing energy efficiency. Reach out to our esteemed professionals at Metz Air Control for insulation and HVAC-related installations services.

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