Thanks to the added convenience and energy savings, many homes nowadays have a smart thermostat. But how can you make the most of your smart device? Consider applying these four thermostat tips for optimum comfort and energy savings in Chino, CA:

Check Your Schedule to Avoid Extreme Temperature Swings

Before configuring your smart thermostat, review your schedule carefully. Significant temperature variations will overwork your cooling system and increase your energy bills.

While you can enhance comfort by creating multiple profiles, you should avoid extreme temperature swings. Maintain the difference between thermostat profile settings at about 5 degrees. By keeping the temperature variations minimal, you can enhance comfort and reduce your energy consumption.

Examine Usage Reports and Make the Necessary Adjustments

One advantage of a smart thermostat is that it tracks your energy consumption and compiles usage reports. If you go on vacation, the device can send the data to you through your smartphone.

You can use the energy reports to determine where to make further adjustments. For example, the data may indicate a rise in temperature at specific times of the day. You can then change the thermostat’s profile to keep the difference in temperature as small as possible.

Consider Integrating Smart Sensors

Smart sensors can reduce your energy consumption, even when the temperatures hit 90 degrees in Chino’s summer. For example, motion detectors can turn down your AC system when there are no occupants in the building. Your cooling system will run only when necessary, thereby reducing your energy bills considerably.

Review Thermostat Placement for Optimum Performance

Ensure the thermostat is in an area that reflects the indoor climate of your house. Keep the device away from direct sunlight or doors. Improper thermostat placement will force your cooling system to run excessively and increase your home’s energy consumption.

A smart thermostat can boost your comfort and energy savings regardless of where you live. You can also use it for zoning to reduce your energy bills by about 30%. Contact Metz Air Control for more information on zoning solutions in Chino.

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