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3 Tips for Maintaining Commercial Ventilation in Riverside, CA

Proper ventilation is essential to the health and comfort of the people inside your commercial property. It’s in your financial interest to ensure your the indoor air quality is as healthy as possible. Here are a few tips on how to maximize ventilation in your commercial property in Riverside, CA, so you can boost your business:

Take Care of Your Commercial HVAC System

In all likelihood, the commercial HVAC system inside your property is its major source of ventilation. To keep everything well-ventilated and maintain healthy indoor air quality, you must guarantee that air is able to flow smoothly through that system. To do that, you have to make sure that the system remains in good shape.

Make sure you always schedule repairs on your system after you notice signs of trouble. Most importantly of all, never neglect preventative maintenance. You should arrange to have professional comfort advisors tune up your commercial HVAC system at least twice per year.

Install Powerful Exhaust Fans in Specific Areas

Many commercial properties have additional exhaust fans to supplement the work that the HVAC system does. These are especially common in kitchens and bathrooms, as they help remove unpleasant odors, cleaning product fumes and smoke from cooking.

Exhaust fans remove fumes of all kinds, while industrial-strength ventilation fans can spread air around large buildings. This is another excellent way to improve ventilation in a commercial area.

Invest in Energy Recovery Ventilators

To really take your level of ventilation up a notch, consider installing an energy recovery ventilator in your building. This IAQ solution pulls in fresh air from outside, preconditions it and replaces the stale air that exhaust fans remove.

Proper ventilation can help increase the profitability of your Riverside, CA, business by making those who work there more comfortable. Don’t hesitate to make this crucial investment in indoor air quality. For help getting started, call Metz Air Control and ask for our commercial HVAC services.

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