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What to Do When Cold Air is Coming Out of Your Furnace

A lack of hot air coming from your furnace is the last thing you want happening during a cold night in Fontana, CA. Read on to discover the reasons you might experience cold air coming from your furnace’s vents and what to do about it.

Improper Thermostat Setting

Setting the thermostat to the “on” position is one of the most common mistakes that causes cold airflow. You might notice that some furnace cycles produce hot air while others produce cold air.

Your furnace’s blower runs continuously when the thermostat is in the “on” position, even when the burners aren’t operating. This means that the furnace constantly blows air into the home. The air becomes warm when the burners get triggered into action, but the air remains cold whenever the burners don’t turn on.

The solution requires that you set the thermostat to the “auto” position. This makes sure that the blower operates only when the burners operate. Schedule a heating repair appointment with an HVAC professional if the problem persists after adjusting the thermostat.

Tripped Breaker

If you have an electric furnace, you’ll feel cold air if the breaker trips. Heat won’t circulate in this situation. In fact, your furnace might not kick into a cycle at all with a tripped breaker.

Gas furnaces might not operate either because the electric starter can’t ignite after a tripped breaker. The result is cold air because the burner won’t heat up.

Overheated Furnace

Your furnace overheats whenever an airflow restriction exists. A dirty air filter typically causes this problem because accumulated dirt, dust and other debris keep air from flowing freely. The restricted airflow causes the heat exchanger to work too hard, and it eventually overheats.

You’ll feel cold air coming from the vents because the burners turn off while the blower continues to run to cool down the heat exchanger. Call in a professional if a new air filter doesn’t fix the issue. A continuously overheating furnace often could turn into a major breakdown that requires a furnace replacement.

Have you tried replacing the air filter or adjusting your thermostat and still feel cold air coming from your vents? Call Metz Air Control so that one of our comfort advisors can fix the problem during your next furnace maintenance appointment.

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