Most people think of an AC filter as a dust-catcher—something that helps to clean the indoor air. That’s absolutely true. Filters help to improve indoor air quality, but they have other important jobs to do as well. During a summer heat wave in Corona, California, the filter also helps to improve AC performance. Keep the filter clean, and it can save you money too. Knowing more will motivate you to make regular AC filter changes or replacement part of your maintenance chores.

Clean Air Filters Safeguard the Equipment

Debris accumulation and neglecting annual maintenance contribute to cooling system breakdowns. When filters become clogged, airborne contaminants can settle on critical components and obstruct operations. If you fail to act promptly, over time, this can damage your air conditioner. Avoid problems by changing the filter whenever it looks dirty. Experts recommend changing your air filter at least every three months. More frequent changes could be necessary depending on the condition of the environment or the ductwork.

Improved Energy Efficiency Saves You Money

Dirt, dust, and other contaminants force your AC to run longer to keep you comfortable. Clean-running air conditioners consume less energy, so you avoid skyrocketing utility bills. Swapping out a dirty filter for a clean one will improve energy efficiency.You also avoid paying for repairs that result from particles accumulating within the system and causing damage.

Better Indoor Air Quality

From dust mites to pollen and pet dander, clean filters capture contaminants that would otherwise circulate through your AC system. For people with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, airborne pollutants can pose serious health issues. Long-term exposure to pollutants will affect everyone in your family. Filter changes offer an easy and inexpensive way to help everyone breathe healthier air.

From improved AC performance to lower energy bills, clean filters mean you get the most from your AC system. At Metz Air Control, our preventive maintenance plans are designed to ensure your air conditioner operates efficiently for years to come. For more information, call 909-614-4125.

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