A whole-house fan can keep you very cool in your home in Chino, CA, on a hot day. Learn more about a whole-house fan, how it works and its benefits in this guide.

Whole-House Fan Details

Whole-house fans are typically installed in homes in dry climates. They work best when the air inside of a home is cooler than the air outdoors. Also, they provide better relief when the outdoor air humidity is low.

After the fan system is set up, it directs warm air within the home to the outside. The air is usually channeled through the vents, a gable or a ridge.

The Benefits of a Fan Installation

When you’re sweating in your home, you can use a fan to preserve your traditional air conditioner. Typically, most air conditioner breakdowns happen because homeowners use them too often throughout the spring and summer. If you switch from a fan system to your air conditioner, both units won’t experience increased wear and tear.

From a financial standpoint, a fan is a smart investment since it’s very energy-efficient. A fan’s blades circulate air, so if you run it along with your air conditioner, the HVAC system will reach its targeted temperature faster. This is highly beneficial because quicker cooling cycles equal lower energy costs.

During the night, the fan won’t produce disturbing sounds while everyone is sleeping. When compared to a regular AC system, a fan is much quieter.

Whole-house fan installations are easy and convenient. Before the installation begins, you won’t have to renovate or modify your home.

If this type of system sounds appealing, contact Metz Air Control to set up an appointment for a whole-house fan installation. Following the installation, you’ll appreciate the results because we’re Trane Comfort Specialists. We’re here to help you stay comfortable throughout the year.

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