DO you find yourself asking why your energy bill in Corona, CA, is so high? That’s a question that many homeowners in the area often ask us. To learn the answer, you should understand how to control and lower energy costs through increased efficiency.

Feeding the Energy Hogs

Using dishwashers and clothes washers too often can make your energy bills skyrocket. Filling loads to capacity and doing the washing less often can be more energy efficient. Select the low heat for your drying; try to use these appliances once per week.

The Ghosts of Appliances Turned Off

Today’s appliances, such as washers and dryers, use energy when plugged in, even when they’re turned off. This allows them to be ready when you turn on the power.

Unplug appliances when they’re not in use so they won’t suck up energy. While it might not be feasible to unplug washers and dryers, you can certainly unplug cell phone chargers and other smaller devices when you’re not using them.

Adding New Gadgets

This is one you may have not considered. If you have recently added new gadgets, such as a computer or large TV, you may be using more energy as well. Guests or family in your home may be bringing and charging their gadgets as well.

Using Too Much Hot Water

Water heaters are often set with a temperature that is too high. The Department of Energy suggests a setting of 120 degrees, rather than the 140 degrees. The higher your water temperature is set, the more energy your water heater must use to heat your water to the set temperature.

You May Need an Energy Efficiency Inspection

Are your appliances old? Modern appliances use less energy. That old air conditioner may need a repair or tuneup, or it may need replacement and a new efficient thermostat added.

When you’re ready to have an energy efficiency inspection, give Metz Air Control a call. We’ll do a full maintenance check. We can replace your energy-eating HVAC appliances to help you save dollars on your monthly energy bill.

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