Can you imagine your Chino, California, home without an HVAC system? That’s probably not a scenario that you want to consider. To keep your HVAC system working properly, keep a few simple maintenance tasks in mind, and add them to your regular maintenance schedule. Ignoring HVAC maintenance tasks can result in your system breaking down or, even worse, suffering irreparable damage.

Replace Your Air Filters

Dirty air filters can prevent air from flowing freely through the system. The dirt and debris will clog the filter and eventually settle in the system or circulate through your home. Additionally, your HVAC system will have to work harder to move the air. As a result, the unit will use more energy, and your electricity bill will increase. This airflow issue isn’t the only problem with dirty air filters. Pollutants in filters can affect your family’s health as dirt and allergens enter your home.

Clean Around Your Unit

Cleaning around your outdoor unit is an easy and beneficial maintenance task. Clear any leaves or other yard debris from around the outdoor unit. Cut away any shrubs or branches that are too close to the condenser. Make sure there are no sticks or other types of debris in the unit. Contact a professional to handle any hard-to-remove item to prevent system damage.

Schedule Annual Service

It doesn’t get easier than making a call to your friendly HVAC experts at Metz Air Control. Most maintenance tasks require professional attention. We make comfort and energy efficiency easy for you with our thorough maintenance services. Our comfort advisors will thoroughly inspect and clean your system and make any necessary repairs. A maintenance call is also the perfect time to address concerns about your air filter or tending to the outdoor unit.

These simple tasks can help your HVAC system run more efficiently and prevent breakdowns. Contact Metz Air Control today at 909-614-4125 for more information about our seasonal maintenance services. We’re happy to help you safeguard your household’s comfort and well-being.

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